Saturday, September 29, 2018

9:00AM Start

Tees – White Tee Markers

Format: Stroke Play 18 Holes


  • USGA Rules Apply


  • Hitting the ball out of bounds will be treated as a lateral water hazard.


  • Maximum score of double par


  • All lies may be improved within a 6 inch area through the green, no nearer the hole and must stay in same condition.


  • Slow play will not be tolerated. Groups must stay up with the group in front of them.


  • Should two teams be tied following play, each teams lowest 5th score shall break the tie, then the 6th lowest score. Should the teams still be tied at that point, tie will be decided by a one man sudden death playoff, starting with the 18th Keep playing Hole #18 until a winner is determined.


  • Ties for medalist – USGA method for breaking ties. Best back nine, if tied then last 6 holes, if still tied last three holes, then hole 18 and back


  • Holes 3 & 10 – 1 chance to cross water, then drop their next ball on the green side of the hole.




Please turn your scorecards in at the Pavilion