About Us

About Us

About Us
The ZDGA was founded in 1977, incorporated in 2002 and operates under code section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service and Ohio Revised Code Section 1702.59 and conducts business of the association in accordance with the constitiution, by-laws, policies and procedures set-forth and ratified by a majority vote of the governing board. The governing board consists of elected officers and non-elected members.


Dedicated to promoting amateur golf by providing annual golf tournaments and support activities for all golfers of Muskingum and surrounding counties.


*Provide annual ZDGA amateur golf championships.
*Emphasize and promote activities of Junior Amateur Golf and provide annual ZDGA junior amateur golf championships.
*Support and encourage golf to all golf courses in Muskingum and surrounding counties.
*Adhere to United States Golf Association rules of play.
*Provide overall interest and leadership to the sport of golf and its participants regardless of Age, Race, Sex, Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation or Disability.


The Zanesville District Golf Association has awarded over $51,500 in scholarships to deserving junior amateur golfers in Muskingum and surrounding counties.


Governing Board Officers
President: Steve Galloway, PGA Golf Professional
Vice President: Greg McKenzie
Secretary: Rich Bubenchik
Treasurer: Jason T. Baughman, CPA

Joe Allen

Sam Blackburn
Tom Denton
Sherry Dinan
Mike Durant

Brandon Ernst
Greg McKenzie
Randy Roll

Lee Secrist
Jim Spargrove
Fred Steinbrecher
Mike Walters
Todd Hixson

Casey Lepi